SIL pump compact and easy to install

SIL process pump perfect fit for emergency showers in pulp mill

Södra Cell in Mönsterås is one of the world’s most modern pulp mills. It has a production capacity of 750’000 tons per year of softwood and hardwood pulp. The mill’s core business is pulp production, but it is also an important source of green electricity.

Södra Cell in Mönsterås factory
Illustrated SIL installation

The challenge

Södra Cell Mönsterås asked us to supply a pump suitable for pumping water to the pulp mill’s emergency showers. They wanted a pump that would be easy to install into a small space, energy efficient and service friendly.

The solution

SIL process pumps are used in a large range of industrial applications. We considered our SIL inline pump to be an excellent choice given the application’s specific requirements. These versatile pumps could be installed directly between the piping at the mill, without needing foundation work, base plate, etc. The small space requirement of the pump was a benefit.

SIL pumps are available in a wide selection of materials. The material selected was bronze, because it was the most suitable for the application in Mönsterås. The SIL pump was delivered to the site in June 2018.

The customer was delighted by the ease of installation and pump performance. That is why they bought two more pumps in 2019 and placed an order for five additional SIL pumps in 2020.

The SIL pump was a perfect fit. After the good experience with the first one, we ordered seven more SIL pumps to our mill. Lars Harrysson, Project Leader at Mönsterås

Customer benefit

  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Quick and easy installation – no foundation work needed
  • Small space requirement
  • Large selection of materials

Product specification

SIL inline pump SILP-26-A-2

Application Emergency shower pump
Liquid Water
Pump type SILP-26-A-2
Material of construction Bronze
Flow 1.5 l/s
Head 13 m
Rotational speed 3’000 rpm
Motor 0.65 kW 50 Hz integrated motor
Installation Between the piping
  • SIL inline process pump range
    High-efficiency SIL inline single-stage centrifugal pumps are developed to meet the process requirements in various general and industrial applications. Inline design with integrated motor construction makes this process pump compact and easy to install.

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