The challenge

  • Increasing number of rags and wipes caused undue stress and damage to pumps
  • The problem aggravated during periods of heavy rain
  • During storm events, the system had to be closed down and the pumps cleared as often as three times per day

The project

  • A CDD Channel Monster was installed in 2011
  • In 2014, the grinder was upgraded with the Wipes Ready technology

The Wipes Ready upgrades made a huge difference. We’ve already gone two months without even pulling the pumps and they’re running much more effectively.

Collections Supervisor at Billerica

The solution

We delivered a CDD Channel Monster, which was later upgraded with the Wipes Ready technology that effectively shreds all tough solids

  • The traditional coil bar drums were replaced with rotating screening drums
  • The cutters were upgraded to the new 17-tooth serrated cutters, which shred the wipes in two directions

Customer benefits

  • The need for daily pump maintenance has been eliminated
  • No need to manually remove the clogs and ragballs from the equipment
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