40K Muffin Monster™ in septage hauler

Solve tough sewage challenges

Port-a-Loo, New Zealand’s largest septage hauler, invested in a 40K Muffin Monster™ to eliminate frequent clogging of wastewater pumps at the disposal site.

New Zealand’s largest septage hauler, invested in a 40K Muffin Monster

The challenge

  • Severe problems with wastewater pump clogging
  • Pumps broke down and sewage backed up
  • The company needed to macerate the septage flow to protect the pumps and comply with local discharge requirements

The project

  • An in-line 40K Muffin Monster was installed above ground
We’re not having the pump clogging issue at all anymore. The drivers like it too – they don’t have to wait, and they don’t have to muck around with the pumps. Peter Elliot, Branch Manager Auckland, Port-a-Loo

The solution

We delivered a 40K Muffin Monster

  • The grinder is able to shred debris that chopper pumps alone cannot handle
  • Drivers can now connect their discharge hose, turn on the shred grinder and unload in 8-10 minutes
  • They also use that time to wash the inside of their tankers

Customer benefits

  • The Muffin Monster grinder saves the company both time and money
  • When 50,000 rugby fans gathered for Britain’s Lions Rugby tour, Port-a-Loo handled collection from more than 500 portable toilets and the Monster worked perfectly
  • Muffin Monster™ Inline/open channel grinders
    Muffin Monster™ sewage grinders represent the best-in-class technology for wastewater solids reduction. With over 35000 installations, the proven capabilities of the Muffin Monster is legendary in providing solutions for the ever more stringent operational needs arriving throughout the industry


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