The challenge

  • Frequent pump malfunctions due to lots of unexpected items
  • Labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive unclogging
  • Unclogging required training and certification

The project

  • A 30K Muffin Monster was installed
  • By using a right-angled gear reducer, the overall height of the grinder was brought down to be a perfect fit for the tightly designed pump station

The cost savings for my customer speak for themselves: In a 90-day period, approximately 20,000 USD was saved.

Plumbing Enterprises representative and onsite treatment manager

The solution

We delivered a 30K Muffin Monster to protect the lift station pumps

  • Easy to install
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Wipes Ready technology helps shred all tough solids into small pieces

Customer benefits

  • No need for service since the installation
  • The pump hasn’t seen a failure
  • The onsite manager has ordered a second system for another customer with similar challenges
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