At Sulzer, continuous innovation and product improvements are supported by sophisticated, well instrumented, and leading-edge test and measurement methods.

Our test and pilot stands are a source of competitive strength that allows us to continuously improve product performance. State-of-the-art test equipment, measuring methods, and specific competencies of Sulzer are crucial for research and development (for example for the validation of numerical simulations in fluid technology), for quality assessments, and for the improvement of Sulzer products.

Experienced and competent Sulzer specialists welcome challenging customer problems. Depending on the issue in question, they use methods, such as:   

  • Failure analysis
  • Non-destructive and destructive materials testing (standardized or customized)    
  • Structural mechanics    
  • Machine dynamics and acoustics    
  • Metrology (calibration of metrological instruments)    

Comprehensive customer support:

  • Sulzer offers comprehensive support with regard to selecting the right materials for machinery components (metals, polymers, ceramics, and coatings) and interpreting experimental measurements (e.g. tensile behavior, material processing state).
  • Our experts also provide support in the areas of fatigue analyses, quality assurance, failure investigations, and questions on materials of all types.
  • They perform material property investigations and numerical and experimental stress analyses under operating conditions, where Sulzer’s comprehensive range of modern measuring instrumentation enables state-of-the-art vibration and data analyses.

Product-oriented examples of state-of-the-art test facilities:

  • The world’s largest pump string test facility with an installed drive power of 30 MW    
  • Multiphase subsea pump test rig and energy recovery test stands for multistage pumps    
  • Cutting-edge test rig for abradable sealing systems for the aviation industry
  • In-house industrial-scale bioplastics (polylactide[CE1] , PLA) pilot plant    
  • Piloting facilities for chemical processing, e.g. extraction, crystallization, and for mass transfer purposes Related Links Testing Services
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