Manufacture of a pump castings
Sulzer uses foundries that are specialized in the manufacture of pump castings.

The demands on materials in modern machine construction are constantly rising. The following examples show how Sulzer meets this challenge and how the clients benefit from high-tech materials.

Improved pump materials

Pumping corrosive fluids containing abrasive solids is a challenge. Sulzer can adapt pumps to such requirements by making the ideal choice of hydraulics and seals and by improving the materials used to produce the pump.

Coating microstructure
Coatings with designed microstructures are used in thermal-barrier applications. The vertical cracks compensate thermal expansion differences between the coating and the substrate.

Microstructured coatings with great potential

Microstructured coatings are needed for new applications and improved performance. Sulzer develops suspension spray technologies that produce microstructured coatings with cost-effective thermal spray processes. This new technology has great potential for demanding applications like thermal-barrier coatings or solid-oxide fuel cells.
DC Coalescer
The special feature of the DC Coalescer™ from Sulzer is the combination of two materials with very different wettabilities, normally metal and plastic, which enhances the droplet coalescence of each phase.

Composite materials for better separation

Sulzer improves the performance of extraction columns by using coalescers made of composite materials, and thereby extends the range of application for these columns. Customer projects confirm the process and cost advantages of the DC coalescer™.

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    Our DC Coalescer™ technology provides significantly lower settling times for primary dispersions with droplets as small as 30 microns.
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