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Looking back on how we have grown

The Annual Results and the Midyear Reports of the last years.

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  • Midyear report 2018 (online report)
    In the first half of 2018, order intake increased by 11.6% and by 6.5% organically compared with the same period of the previous year. Sales increased by 10.5% and by 5.4% organically. Operational EBITA grew by 27.0% and by 16.8% organically. Operational ROSA increased by more than one percentage point to 8.5%.
  • Annual report 2017 (online report)
    In 2017, Sulzer returned to organic order intake growth. Order intake increased by 11.8% on a currency-adjusted basis and by 2.2% organically. Sales increased by 5.2% on a currency-adjusted basis and decreased by 4.4% organically. Operational EBITA rose compared with the previous year, and the operational EBITA margin increased slightly to 8.4%.