Gas-fired power generation

We offer efficient repair and maintenance services for rotating equipment like gas turbines, compressors, pumps, and generators. Our pumps cover applications from boiler feed to condensate extraction. We produce critical turbine components.

Two cycles are combined in one single plant. In a combined-cycle power plant, approximately 2/3 of the electricity generation comes from the gas turbine set and 1/3 comes from the steam turbine set. The combined-cycle power plants have relatively low investment costs, high efficiency and short time required to construct compared to other power generation technologies.

Sulzer provides gas and steam turbine services to support you and make your power train operation more reliable and flexible. We develop service solutions for all your rotating equipment in a gas-fired process.

Gas fired power plant

Natural gas is combusted in a gas turbine burner which drives a generator to produce electricity. The hot exhaust gases coming from the gas turbine are sent to a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) to generate either subcritical or supercritical steam. The steam is directly sent to a turbine / generator unit to produce additional electricity, then passed through a condenser to convert it into demineralized water again. Sulzer supports this process with pumps for power island such as boiler feed water pumps (BFP), condensate extraction pumps (CEP), cooling water pumps (CWP), fuel injection pumps, NOx abatement pumps, make-up and other auxiliary pump services.

Gas-fired power generation process

FWP: Feed water pump
CEP: Condensate extraction pump
CWP: Cooling water pump

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