Main benefits
  • Optimized hydraulics for high efficiency
  • Packed stuffing box for reliable sealing and simple maintenance, mechanical seal is optional
  • Rubber-lined product-lubricated bearing in bowls and columns for long maintenance-free periods, other bearing materials are also available
  • Modular design sized individually for the pumping conditions of each installation
  • A variety of defined options allow to adapt the pump to its working environment
Main applications
  • Agricultural pumping
  • Municipal and plant water supply
  • Drainage and flood control
  • Pipeline pumping
  • High pressure pumping and other industrial uses of all types
Main design features
  • Suction bell provided with anti-vortex ribs, tail bearing and replaceable wear rings
  • Cast iron bowl interiors are coated as a standard to reduce friction and increase efficiency
  • Impellers supplied with replaceable wear ring as standard
  • Bowls are fitted with a single bronze bearing or dual bronze and rubber bearings
  • Axial thrust bearing in pump or in motor
Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 1,500 m3/h  /  8,000 US gpm
Heads Up to 300 m  /  1,000 ft
Pressures Up to 36 bar  /  525 psi
Temperatures Up to 85 °C  /  185 °F
Maximum speed of rotation Up to 3,600 rpm
Performance range
JTS standard vertical turbine pump performance range 50 Hz
Performance range 50 Hz
JTS standard vertical turbine pump performance range 60 Hz
Performance range 60 Hz
  • Mine water management
    Sulzer offers a comprehensive portfolio of pumps and process equipment for abrasive and corrosive environments in mine water management applications.

  • Municipal clean water supply and distribution
    Getting drinking water to all parts of a distribution network involves many challenges along the way. From the water treatment plant through pumping stations and beyond, Sulzer pumps lift and move the drinking water to bring it to its destination at sufficient flow and pressure.

  • Municipal clean water treatment
    When planning new water treatment plants or upgrading existing ones, operating costs are as important as investment costs. Sulzer’s innovative pumps, mixers and compressors combine reliable treatment performance with superior energy efficiency.
Water certificates

NSF 61/372 drinking water certification

The JTS pumps are certified with the NSF 61/372 certification. In the certification process, the pump has gone through a variety of testing to ensure safe pumping of drinking water.

NSF / ANSI 61 drinking water certification

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