Main benefits
  • Long and trusted experience in the pulp and paper and other industrial segments
  • Excellent performance
  • Reduced bacteria
  • Improved and stable pulp quality
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Reduced air content
  • Reduced crusting
  • Suitable for the most demanding high-consistency tower applications in the pulp and paper industry
  • Unique, patented and superior design features minimize life-cycle costs
  • Quick and easy installation, safe operation, easy maintenance and service
Main applications
  • Medium and high consistency storage and bleaching towers
  • Tanks and towers to reduce channeling and reduce air content
SALOMIX Tower Arrangement Demo

Main design features
  • Versatile, reliable, high-efficiency spreading hydraulics and material options
  • Reliable and heavy-duty bearing unit
Key characteristics
Capacities Capacity up to 600 l/s / 9 500 US gpm

Pressure up to 3 bar / 43 psi as standard, for higher pressures as speacial

Temperatures  Temperature up to 180 °C / 355 °F
Performance range Sulzer SALOMIX TES TOP Entry Spreader has large and tight hydraulic coverage to satisfy the most demanding requirements of pulp and paper tower applications.
  • Chemical pulp fiber line
    Proven pumping, mixing and agitation solutions for your cooking, washing, screening, oxygen delignification, bleaching, and storage processes to ensure process reliability, high efficiency, and low operating costs.

  • Mechanical pulp line
    Sulzer’s ideal product portfolio for challenging pumping, agitation, and mixing operations in refining, grinding, CTMP, screening, reject handling, and bleaching processes.

  • Paper and board machine and systems
    Sulzer’s extensive product portfolio is designed to meet the most demanding hydraulic coverage requirements and for all types of liquids, making it ideal for challenging pumping, agitation, and mixing operations in stock preparation, PM approach system, broke system, white water system, vacuum system, condensate system, and shower water system processes.

  • Pulp drying machine
    Increased hydraulic excellence for your approach, cleaning, drying machine, vacuum, broke, and white water system processes.

  • Recycled fiber line
    Energy-efficient products with low life cycle costs and a lighter environmental footprint for your pulping, screening & cleaning, flotation, washing, and bleaching processes.
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