As the need for plastic circularity grows, advanced recycling will play an essential role in ensuring a sustainable future. The potential for the petrochemical industry is tremendous, but there is a need for specific technologies to make this happen.

Sulzer has been at the forefront of research to address the challenges of chemical recycling. In combination with strategic partnerships and acquisitions, we are now well-equipped to offer a comprehensive portfolio of technology licenses.

Our solution covers the conversion from sorted mixed plastic waste into sustainable feedstocks. Those products, the SuRe product range, is the family of Nafta, Wax and other components that are originated from 100% recycled and ready to be reused by the (petro)chemical plants as a virgin hydrocarbon building block. By integration of carbon capture and utilization technologies, Sulzer is capable in providing an end to end solution to achieve net zero plastic circularity.

Addressing the chemical recycling trilemma

Technology | From mixed plastic waste to upgraded pyrolysis oil

We ensure the secure deployment of our technologies through a full-service offer and large- scale testing capabilities.

Our complete and integrated technology package ensures an end to end solution from sorted mixed plastic waste, ready to feed the (petro)chemical industry.
Using a large-scale testing facility that simulates all major steps of our technology, we address plastic waste variability with a representative insight into the SuRe product range.
The feedstock test report will serve as the basis to customize our industrial scale solution to meet your operational needs.


Economy | Real solutions that are scalable

Our innovation and strategic partnerships focus on scalable solutions that can be deployed at attractive project economics.
Sulzer Chemtech end to end solutions for sorted mixed plastic waste capable to scale at current market capacity, and beyond
At best-in-class project economics
Creating a unique sustainable and economic opportunity for early adaptors


Sustainability | Addressing the carbon footprint

By integrating carbon capture and utilization technologies, we reduce even further the CO2 intensity of chemical recycling.
Sulzer Chemtech process technologies include a range of carbon capture technologies
Selection of technology based upon client integration needs
Offering a truly integrated solution

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