The supported students receive scholarships for the duration of their college education, plus the possibility of up to two years of technical training as interns at Sulzer Brazil. The internships are part of the curriculums and usually take place after the first two years of full-time studies at university. Overall, the scholarships entail a five-year commitment from both parties. “However, we aim to create a connection for life,” says Marcelo Alves, General Director of Sulzer Brazil, and President of Rotating Equipment Services for South America. “Whether they continue their careers with Sulzer or elsewhere, the positive impact will remain, as they will recommend us within their network and inspire more young women to choose technical studies.”

Clara started her studies in 2021, as a production engineer at the Catholic University of Campinas, the official partner university of Sulzer Brazil for the WISE program. “When I was first offered the interview for the entry process for the WISE program, I was surprised and I also immediately realized the huge opportunity this represented for me,” says Clara.

Clara was also able to visit Sulzer Brazil. “It was a huge pleasure to be able to visit the plant and get in touch with the international Sulzer community!”

WISE student

The support motivates me to study even more!

WISE student

Sulzer's HR team in Brazil closely follows Clara’s progress. Their monthly conversations enable Clara to gain more insight into Sulzer and the support strengthens her self-confidence. What is equally important is ensuring strong support from the families as well, as the Sulzer team emphasized:“The program is an opportunity to make a difference in these young women’s lives,” says Marcelo Alves. “We not only have a positive impact on diversity in the technical fields in the long term, but we also offer fair access to education to talent. The studies are covered by a full scholarship for all university-related expenses with an opportunity to learn, and to put what they learn in university classes into play in a professional environment. Thus, we ensure that we offer enough help to really pull through the full curriculum.”
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