Main benefits
  • Evergreen warranty - Always protected
  • Performance pricing – Incentivized by your success
  • Stabilized budget – Decrease OpEx exposure
  • Commit to the future – Improve operator and service acumen
  • Operating excellence – Reduce carbon footprint, call-outs, and unplanned maintenance
  • Overhaul commitment – Refurbish in as little as 3 days
  • Onsite commitment – Arrive on-time, at the right time
Workflow graphic of pipeline services

As your operating services partner, Sulzer’s Total Pipeline Services™ offering becomes a competitive advantage in the operating lifecycle of your equipment. This translates to a safe and remote means in delivering on your customer commitments.

  • Online equipment health monitoring
  • Dedicated equipment specialist
  • Pre-failure condition planning
  • Risk based maintenance repair
  • Prompt on-site expert service
  • Turnkey equipment push/pull service
  • Two-layer equipment history
  • Fast, reliability-improved pump overhaul
  • Purposefully chosen, located, and maintained inventory
  • Workforce competency gap closure

This is not something new to pay for, but a program to connect proven processes, experienced human resources, and machinery health information to maximize profits while protecting your financial expectations.

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