Main benefits
  • Reduced lead-time and cost-effective solution
  • Improved reliability and enhanced performance
  • Adapted performance to changing process requirements
  • Customized solutions
  • Reduced Volatile Organic Compound emissions
  • Technologically up-to-date
The OHX pump before retrofit

Your equipment

We understand your equipment must comply with the demanding requirements of modern-day processing operations. Whether changing the application of your pumping equipment or improving the performance of current requirements, Sulzer extends your products` life-cycle with retrofit service solutions.

The OHX pump retrofit kit is a solution for all types of overhung process pumps, including single-stage double-suctions and two-stage pumps, regardless of the original brand.

Cut view of OHX 4CX pump
THE OHX pump after our retrofit solution
The OHX pump after our retrofit solutions

Our solution

Sulzer evaluates and performs a range of technical analyses of each component in order to determine the actions required to improve the performance of your equipment and operations. We have established a range of upgrades to each component to take your machinery to the next level. Our engineers can perform upgrades to the following OHX components:

  • Casing gasket
  • Seal chamber
  • Shaft
  • Impeller
  • Coupling and coupling guard
  • Bearings, bearing housing, isolators, assembly and lubrication
  • Case cover


Maximize your pump performance in a range of applications including oil and gas, chemical and power operations. The OHX pump upgrade is designed to cover the full range of refinery services including water, gasoline LPG and other light products, as well as crude oil and fractionator bottoms.

  • Dimensions / base plate integrated to existing environment, short impact on productivity
  • Execution at Service center or at customers` site
  • Declaration of conformity to ATEX
  • Hydraulic re-rates
  • Cost savings – casing, impeller and drive remain in use
  • Extended mechanical seal and bearing life
  • Implementing latest technology
Lead time of OHX
Shorter lead time vs new equipment and less process down-time

Your contact

EMEA region

Luca Lonoce

Retrofit Sales Director EMEA

Phone: +971 2 30 40 521

Sulzer Italy S.R.L.

AME region

Aaron Horstmann

Manager Regional Sales USA

Phone: +1 281 417 7110

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