We believe in improving the performance, reducing downtime, and extending the life of your equipment. Our unique technological approach allows us to enhance the reliability, longevity, and performance of your equipment in line with the constantly changing environment.
  • In-country repairs
  • Utilising local suppliers to maximise local content
  • One access point for all your needs be that OEM / Non-OEM
  • High quality materials following the best-in-class engineering standards.
  • Committed to working with clients to reducing maintenance cost
  • Global sourcing throughout our established supplier chain
Core competencies
  • Increased Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • We watch over the complete package, not just the specific equipment
  • Pumps, Centrifugal Compressors, Axial Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors, LV/ MV/ HV Electric Motors and Control Equipment.
Inside qatar service center

Resources and Facilities

  • 6000 m3 Workshop Facility
  • In house lifting capacity of 4 x 50 t, with provision to load & unload outside workshop structure
  • Dynamic balancing facilities, 2,0m – 2,0m length, 3 tons
  • Multiple Machining capability, to suit all requirements
  • Re-Engineering of components utilising the latest 3D scanning equipment combined with Siemens NX drafting and modelling software.
  • Dedicated hydraulic lift vertical, horizontal assembly stand for safe and efficient rebuilds, disassembly.
  • Full access to Sulzer’s global engineering network and design teams for fast and efficient solutions to customers requirements.
  • Full retrofits and hydraulic upgrades available for all brands of units through the Sulzer network
  • We are taking complete advantage of the latest 3D scanners for reverse engineering of components
  • Fully equipped workshop facility with an extensive range of machine tools and assembly areas to facilitate overhaul and repair activities


Equipment being workded on within the Qatar service senter

Our expert team provides in-house services for a wide range of equipment including:

• Centrifugal Pumps
• Upgrades/Retrofits/Duty change Centrifugal pumps
• Reciprocating pumps
• Positive displacement pumps
• Vacuum pumps
• Screw pumps
• Magnetic Drive pumps
• Centrifugal Compressors
• Axial flow compressors
• Geared Compressors
• LV Motors (in accordance with Ex specifications where applicable)
• MV Motors (in accordance with Ex specifications where applicable)
• HV Motors (in accordance with Ex specifications where applicable)
• Motor Rewinds
• Steam Turbines
• Gearboxes
• Fluid drive couplings
• Fans
• Re-engineering of components.
• Upgraded components
• Reciprocating compressor valve refurbishment
• Direct replacement “pull out” units for obsolete pumps
• Supply of HV motor coils.

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