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Comprehensive rotating equipment services

Sulzer’s specialist manufacturing and coating facilities are well-equipped to refurbish hot gas path components and repair turbine blades. We help with installations, refurbishments, maintenance and repair of industrial gas and steam turbines, compressors, pumps and motors.

Our highly qualified personnel can perform the most demanding jobs, i.e. assemblies, start-up units and final tests. Sulzer’s highly experienced engineering team provide solutions for pumps and gas turbines repair, designing and manufacturing new components as well as refurbishing existing parts, while expert design and manufacturing staff can optimize pump performance, improving reliability and efficiency. These comprehensive capabilities allow us to carry out operation and maintenance contracts of gas turbine plants

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Core competencies

  • Repair and refurbishment of all types of rotating equipment, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer
  • Equipment performance and material upgrades in line with changing process requirements
  • Skilled field personnel for on-site overhauls, installation and commissioning work, machinery diagnostics, and troubleshooting
  • 24/7 emergency response coverage
  • Tailored engineering solutions to enhance equipment reliability and performance
  • Management services in association with long-term equipment support contracts
Specialist in Buenos Aires service center

Resources and facilities

  • Fully equipped workshop facility in Argentina with an extensive range of machine tools and appropriate inspection and assembly areas to facilitate overhaul and repair activities
  • Sulzer’s global network of spare parts manufacturing centers provides support for additional spare parts
  • Our dedicated and competent team of engineering, contract administration and sales staff provide in-house services for a wide range of hydraulic, mechanical, and metallurgical problems
  • For more complex projects, Sulzer's engineering and technology groups provide industry-leading mechanical design and hydraulic development support
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