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Our vast experience in servicing high-voltage generators and motors, and our capability to reengineer and manufacture coils and other rotating electrical equipment components is renowned globally. We also offer a wide range of general mechanical services.

Building of Avonmouth Service Center
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Whether an AC or DC traction motor, an LV motor rewind, or the re-machining and remanufacturing of components, Sulzer provides a full range of smaller equipment overhaul services. The combination of in-depth technical expertise coupled with first-class engineering facilities ensures reliability in both quality and delivery. We not only have the ability to deliver, but the breadth and depth of service that industry requires.

Electrical equipment, high-voltage generators, motors and wind turbines

Sulzer can provide a full range of large rotating electrical equipment services in our workshops or on site:

  • Inspection 
  • Maintenance 
  • Coil manufacture
  • Complete rotor and stator rewinds
  • Mechanical repairs

We can also provide re-engineering solutions, power uprating design studies, DC to AC conversions, and long-term maintenance contracts.

Our generator and motor services

  • Inspection
  • New coil manufacture or copper re-insulation
  • New stator and rotor cores
  • New or refurbished commutators
  • Repair, refurbishment and remanufacture of all mechanical parts
  • Rewinds
  • High speed balancing
  • Final testing

Our balance of plant services

  • AC and DC traction motor overhauls, rewinds, and repairs
  • LV motor and generator overhauls, rewinds, and repairs
  • Gearbox and other mechanical equipment services, and repairs
  • Transformer rewinds and repairs
  • Low speed balancing

Our general mechanical services

The needs of each customer are varied but usually range from the repair or re-manufacture of a worn or damaged component, to the overhaul and rebuild of a complete machine. We can manufacture entirely new components where repair is not possible. Outright manufacture is also undertaken for new projects and machines.

The following certified management systems are implemented at most Service Centers to provide the highest quality standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • EASA
  • Baseefa IECEx
  • UL
  • NiCEiC
  • AEMT
  • CHAS

Your service center

Phone: +44 1179 381 188

Sulzer Electro Mechanical Services (UK) Limited

Third Way

BS11 9HL Avonmouth, Bristol


Fax: +44 1179 380 066

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