Main benefits
  • Centerline mounted to allow thermal expansion without jeopardizing the shaft alignment
  • Adjustable impeller clearance for long term high hydraulic efficiency
  • Extra heavy-duty shaft for low shaft deflection and long life of seal and bearings
  • Impeller and casing machining to optimize operation at BEP (best efficiency point) Inducer option to meet customer NPSH restrictions
Main applications
  • Flare Knock Out (KO) drum pump
  • Wash water
  • Reflux services
  • Caustic circulation and transfer
  • Process or sour water drains
Main design features
  • Sulzer designed multi-vane open radial impeller
  • Stable performance curve with rising head to shut off
  • Robust shaft for minimal deflection
  • Splash oil, purge mist or pure mist lubrication available
  • 300# flange rating standard
Key characteristics
Capacities Low flow design from just 3m3/hr / 12 US gpm
Heads up to 210 m. / 690 ft.
Pressures up to 40 bar / up to 580 psi
Temperatures -46 to 180°C / -51 to 356°F
Performance range
PRE Performance Range 50 Hz
Performance range 50 Hz
PRE Performance Range 60 Hz
Performance range 60 Hz
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