BCX5 blade compressor (available in UK only)

A compressor for the future – a revolution in aeration technology

Blade compression is a patented new compression concept that provides user benefits no other comparable technology can match. We are proud to offer this revolutionary technology for use in smaller municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Sulzer BCX5 Blade Compressor
Main benefits
  • Highly efficient at all points of operation
  • No deterioration in performance
  • Low maintenance and high reliability thanks to straightforward construction, standard materials and few moving parts
Main applications
  • Aeration of municipal wastewater
  • Aeration of industrial wastewater
  • Feeding air to aerobic digesters
  • Providing air for the cleaning of filters and membranes in wastewater and water application
Main design features

Blade compression combines the benefits of traditional technologies like piston, screw and lobe compression:

  • Internal compression means the core efficiency is the very highest possible
  • Wide paths of flow through the machine minimize losses during intake and outlet
  • Good sealing is achieved through wide sealing surfaces and state-of-the-art surface coatings
  • Plug & Play 
  • Unit enclosure of weatherproof construction and high acoustic properties
  • Oil dialysis system for self-cleansing of oil
  • Municipal wastewater treatment
    When planning a new wastewater treatment plant or upgrading an existing one, operating costs are as important as investment costs. Sulzer’s innovative pumps, mixers, compressors, aeration systems and other solutions combine treatment performance with superior energy efficiency.

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