Denka’s latest production line features Sulzer Chemtech’s advanced processing equipment to maximize the conversion of melt into high-quality, homogeneous plastic with high throughput, while minimizing any thermal degradation.

Sulzer Chemtech completed the project one month ahead of the agreed delivery date thanks to its global network of engineering specialists that can be mobilized to support urgent process equipment needs. Even more, it was able to do that despite key challenges posed by the pandemic and while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all teams involved.

As a result, Denka will be able to ramp up production at its facility, ultimately increasing its revenue. Furthermore, the company will be able to achieve these goals without growing its manufacturing footprint or investing considerable capital in the polymerization process.

Michio Kawamura, General Manager at Denka Singapore, comments: “We are extremely pleased with the engineering and manufacturing support provided by Sulzer Chemtech, which we consider a reliable and skilled partner. The company’s experts exceeded our expectations by delivering the equipment one month ahead of schedule. This achievement is even more outstanding, considering the current global health situation. Sulzer’s commitment and hard work will help us quickly enhance our industry-leading profile in a growing market where competition is fierce.”

Emmanuel Rapendy, Director GTB Polymer & Crystallization at Sulzer Chemtech, concludes: “We are delighted to receive another positive feedback from our long-time customer, Denka. Our global capabilities and smooth cooperation with Denka enabled us to deliver a customized solution and expedite the delivery of key processing equipment. We look forward to supporting Denka again in the future.”


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