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ACHEMA Pulse, the digital version of the leading chemical and process engineering exhibition, will offer a virtual forum to discuss the latest trends and technologies in the industry. As a leading processing technology provider, Sulzer Chemtech will showcase its solutions for the sector, placing a particular focus on how these support innovative recycling strategies.

During the exhibitor panel “Plastics recycling - Coming Full Circle” and the workshop “Groundbreaking textile recycling technology”, Sulzer Chemtech representatives will discuss how advanced mass transfer equipment can facilitate polymer recycling. More precisely, these forums will demonstrate how the company’s technologies can be used to develop efficient and high-performance chemical recycling setups.

The recycling of textiles will also be addressed at one of ACHEMA Pulse’s Live Stage events. During the presentation “Resource revolution - polymer recycling to enable textiles circularity”, attendees will be able to learn more about how Sulzer Chemtech’s processing solutions and R&D capabilities are being used to help Worn Again Technologies create a circular economy for textiles.

Finally, Sulzer Chemtech, will join key industry leaders to discuss the main challenges and solutions for chemical recycling during the Highlight Session “Closing the loop with chemical recycling: potentials and challenges”.

In addition to sustainable processing, Sulzer Chemtech will also showcase its comprehensive technology licensing and engineering capabilities. During the workshop “Sulzer and GTC Technology – an acquisition with good chemistry”, attendees will be able to learn about the advantages of this combined offering. By utilizing a single point of contact, businesses in the manufacturing and processing sector can benefit from holistic support in the creation of highly effective, proven solutions for a variety of applications.

Visitors interested in learning more about Sulzer Chemtech’s offering will be able to discuss online with leading experts; learn how Sulzer Chemtech can help them create state-of-the-art or improve existing processing and production facilities with their specific requirements.

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