As response to the growing demand in the slurry pumping market, Sulzer has extended the PLR slurry pump range. Eight new sizes have been added, extending the capacity up to 3’900 m3/h. The additional sizes come with new features like a removable suction plate and floating flanges.

The specific design combined with a wide range of options makes the PLR pump suitable for highly demanding applications such as abrasive and corrosive slurries, ammonium nitrate as well as froth pumping and self-regulating applications.

The ample wall thickness and optimized shapes of the main wear parts ensure improved corrosion and abrasion resistance, enabling extended pump and spare parts lifetime. The PLR pump range is highly reliable thanks to the optimized construction and a special heavy-duty bearing unit.

The PLR slurry pumps are manufactured in our factory in Saint-Quentin, France. 

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