The main purpose of the upgrade project was to develop a rigid and reliable vertically suspended line-shaft sump pump that contains Sulzer’s most efficient hydraulics. The hydraulic coverage was extended with energy-efficient, non-clogging and wear-resistant options, and it now includes the core process and slurry pump portfolio hydraulics. With the upgrade, multiple improvements were also made to the vertical construction. VM pumps are available up to a length of 6 meters and even more.

The VM pump is suitable for highly demanding applications such as:

  • Industrial water
  • Effluents 
  • Corrosive and abrasive mixtures 
  • Hazardous fluids 
  • Abrasive liquids and/or liquids containing large solids 
  • Abrasive fibrous slurries and/or fibrous slurries containing large solids 
  • Abrasive non-fibrous slurries and/or non-fibrous slurries containing large solids

The upgraded VM pump range offers high performance and durability. Its advanced design ─ combined with a wide range of materials ─ makes the pump reliable and increases both the operational efficiency and the mean time between maintenance.

The operators benefit from easy pump assembly, a high hydraulic selection versatility, an optimized parts inventory thanks to high interchangeability, and a wide range of materials. Abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant options ensure exceptional resistance against wear also in challenging pumping applications.

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