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Sulzer Chemtech is restarting its customer seminars on separation technology and equipment

September 02, 2020

Sulzer Chemtech’s teams in China are gradually restarting customized seminars on separation and mixing technologies for businesses in the manufacturing and processing industries. Customers are able to benefit from the company’s extensive theoretical as well as practical knowledge and experience.

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Sulzer, the leader in separation and mixing technology, places great emphasis on activities aimed at sharing technical expertise with its customers. By offering personalized seminars, the company helps businesses improve their knowledge in mass transfer technology and equipment design. In addition, they can address specific challenges or technical issues experienced in their facilities.

The first seminar since the restart was conducted for a leading company in the oil and gas sector. During the event, Sulzer’s technical experts provided an insight into natural gas treatment to approximately 30 process engineers and managers.

Key topics that were discussed included the capabilities of high-performance trays and how revamping gas sweetening units can increase market competitiveness. Attendees were also provided with real-world case studies and examples to demonstrate tangible benefits.

Charlie HSU, Head of Sales at Sulzer Chemtech in China, concludes: “There is a real demand for sharing technical expertise on separation technology. We are delighted to share our expertise with businesses in the manufacturing and processing industries. This event has been extremely successful and we look forward to supporting more customers in the future by organizing similar events.”



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