Sulzer, the leader in separation and mixing technology, has delivered a state-of-the-art EPS production line to the BEWiSynbra Group’s facility in Porvoo, Finland. The new unit utilizes Sulzer’s patented extrusion-based melt impregnation technology and has the capacity to produce over 10,000 tonnes of EPS per year from both recycled as well as virgin materials.

The new asset will help the BEWISynbra Group expand its plastic manufacturing capacity while also enabling it to meet its circular economy targets. The production line can convert EPS post-consumer waste into new EPS material used in applications such as building insulation or packaging.

Jonas Siljeskär, CEO of the BEWiSynbra Group, comments: “The new EPS extruder line designed and delivered by Sulzer allows BEWISynbra to broaden its EPS portfolio. It enables us to grow our volume of recycled materials, while improving our production efficiency as well as reducing our costs for repair and maintenance”.

Philipp Süess, Head of Sulzer Chemtech ERA, concludes: “It is exciting to see our solutions play a key role in increasing the competitiveness of our customers as well as supporting their ambitious sustainability practices. We look forward to working with BEWiSynbra Group in the future.”

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