sulzer distillation unit

Sulzer Chemtech, the leader in separation and mixing technology, has completed the installation of a distillation unit for Quantafuel’s first full-scale plant in Skive, Denmark. The equipment is crucial to the facility, which will be able to process 60 tonnes of unrecyclable plastic to generate 48 tonnes of hydrocarbons daily. These will then be used as fuel or to produce a wide range of useful chemicals.

In order to combat plastic pollution, the chemical recycling start-up, Quantafuel, has developed an innovative process that can considerably decrease the volume of non-recycled plastic waste while reducing the usage of natural oil and gas resources in the petrochemical industry. The novel conversion process consists of two depolymerization steps - to produce alkanes - and a distillation stage to separate different hydrocarbon fractions.

Due to the importance and complexity of the last operation, Quantafuel chose Sulzer, with its extensive knowledge and expertise in mass transfer technology as well as advanced manufacturing capabilities. In particular, Quantafuel wanted a reliable partner that could deliver the required distillation plant quickly. Thanks to Sulzer’s ability to provide high-quality skid-mounted units and plants, Quantafuel could maximize its speed to market whilst benefitting from substantial cost savings.

Kjetil Bøhn, CEO at Quantafuel, comments: “Sulzer’s specialists supported us throughout the project, and their input was fundamental to the quick and successful completion of the plant. This is why we are now discussing future plans together.”

“Quantafuel chose Sulzer on the basis of our capabilities and commitment to exceed customer’s expectations. I believe Quantafuel’s plant in Skive, Denmark, is the first of many future ‘plastic to fuel’ facilities. We are proud to have played a role in bringing this first-of-its-kind project to life and look forward to future collaborations that will make this process available worldwide.”

Jacques Juvet - Head Process Plant at Separation Technology for Sulzer Chemtech
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