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Motivated by customers’ interest in learning more about separation technology, Sulzer decided to offer this course in order to help them, sharing our extensive knowledge in mass transfer technology and equipment design. The training also allows participants to have face-to-face interaction with our technical experts in order to address specific questions or technical issues. The training is ideal for technologists and process engineers interested in enhancing their understanding of distillation technology and that would like to improve their understanding on various types of separation equipment.

Victor Chiam, Head of Sulzer Chemtech Asia Pacific, explains: “Many of our customers have large groups of process engineers that face operational issues and challenges. We think that Sulzer Academy is the perfect platform where these teams can interact with our global experts and learn all about the technology. The knowledge that they acquire will help them conduct their daily activities and effectively address complex tasks. In fact, together we can come up with some unique solutions to challenging applications.”

The Sulzer Academy course on mass transfer is available in two levels. The basic (or fundamental) level gives an overview on process simulation for distillation processes, key mass transfer equipment such as trays, random and structured packing, as well as system design for distillation units, including considerations on heat exchangers and pumps. The advanced (or elective) level provides a more in-depth examination of these topics and includes hands-on activities on how to design these key pieces of equipment for mass transfer.

Ang ChewPeng, Tray Product Manager at Sulzer and one of the four trainers at Sulzer Academy mass transfer course, comments: “This course discusses both the theoretical concepts and practical considerations in the design of key pieces of equipment for mass transfer. While we use Sulzer’s column internals as examples during the course, the focus is not to promote our products, but to share with the participants our leading knowledge in separation technology”

The inaugural Sulzer Academy mass transfer course took place on October 8-9, 2019 in Rayong, Thailand, for one of Thailand's largest petrochemical producers. During the two days, over 40 participants from the process technology group, including the company’s group manager, had the chance to learn and interact with Sulzer’s technical experts.
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