The webinar running order 

  • Current challenges in the pump industry - Sulzer's point of view 
  • Future trends – The new vision of pump maintenance in the 21st century
  • Use of AI in pump O&M for data-driven decision making - A formula for success
  • Data driven decision making in action – proof of results
  • Live Q&A

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The key players in energy, water, and critical industries are using AI technology to process their pump data and use it to serious effect

•  Making the day-to-day refinements to drive energy efficiency
•  Making better decisions about when to do a planned shutdown
•  Seeing the red flags earlier to prevent failure 

If you are involved with pump maintenance, reliability engineering, energy efficiency programs or you just love learning about technology, this webinar will go through the major trends and features of the world of data driven decision making. Maybe you already have condition monitoring and are curious about upgrading? Maybe you’ve been targeted with energy reduction, reducing your maintenance hours or you have bad actors disrupting your operation? 

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The first step to addressing these problems is getting the 101 on predictive maintenance and the insights about how to put this into practice.

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Dr. Marc Heggemann is Head of Digital Solutions with Sulzer. Marc works across the Flow Equipment and Services divisions to drive the use of data driven customer solutions in new and existing pump applications. With 1000s of pump evaluations completed, Marc is highly aware of the demands pump operators are under and how the correct use of data analytics and insights helps them make informed decisions to minimize the ‘make or break’ situations engineering teams experience.

Marc studied in Germany, Switzerland, and the USA. He achieved a Doctor of Natural Sciences in the field of mathematical modelling and its application to industrial processes. Besides, Marc holds a Master of Business Administration degree of the University of Rochester NY amongst others. Marc can show more than 20 years of experience solving complex business problems in fluid engineering with multi-functional, highly skilled teams across business units and industries globally.

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