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Asia-Pacific's International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) is the ultimate destination for mining professionals to actively source mining products, technology, solutions and innovations that will lower costs, improve efficiency and boost productivity. Sulzer is proud to showcase our latest pumping technology and rotating equipment services, as well as our newly launched reconditioned exchange programme.
Sulzer at AIMEX 2023
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Pumps for Mining applications

Our mining experts will share the latest technologies, offerings and complete portfolio of pumps to power your mining processes.
Sulzer offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative flow equipment and services for metals processing, from slurry to clear liquid and dewatering solutions. Our equipment is tailor-made for challenging process conditions that include corrosive and abrasive liquids. A deep understanding of these applications, which involve handling harsh fluids, allows us to propose solutions that meet customer  requirements. Furthermore, our extensive knowledge of customer processes ensures delivery of optimal, energy-efficient equipment and solutions.

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Sulzer reconditioned exchange programme

Maintenance services & REP

Explore our full range of services from the Sulzer Mining world touch screen!

Check out from our mining experts on our complete electromechanical services for mobile equipment and plant:

  • HV, LV DC and AC motor 
  • Complete repair, overhaul and rewind services for all motors regardless of OEM
  • In-house coil manufacturing
  • In-house commutator manufacturing

Reconditioned exchange programme (REP) and mobile equipment support capabilities:

  • Servicable exchange components for wheel motors, alternators & grid blowers for electric haul truck
  • Maintenance support for haul trucks, electric rope shovels and walking draglines
  • Extensive support across multiple OEMs such as Kotmatsu, Terex, Liebherr, Hitachi, CAT etc

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