Self-priming AHLSTAR pump replaces Archimedean screw pump
Self-priming AHLSTAR pump replaces Archimedean screw pump

The challenge

The Archimedean screw pumps experienced reliability issues and required frequent maintenance. The main challenge was to replace them without stopping the operation. This called for a perfect understanding of the installation and the process requirements, as well as of how to adapt the new pumps in the existing building. Also, once installed, the new pumps should be maintenance-friendly and reduce operational costs remarkably.

Three installed AHLSTAR APP43-300s pumps
Self-priming AHLSTAR APP43-300 S pumps

The solution

Sulzer delivered six AHLSTAR APP43-300 S self-priming centrifugal pumps in replacement of the six old screw pumps. Thanks to its integrated liquid ring pump, the APP-S has a high suction capability (even at low speed) and can easily prime the suction pipe. The six complete APP-S pumping units could therefore be installed above the liquid level on the suction side. This greatly facilitated the retrofit of the pumping station.

Nowadays dealing with reliable suppliers is of paramount importance. Sulzer provides us with innovative solutions, and the new self-priming pumps have exceeded our expectations.

Effluents Operation, Cetrel

Customer benefit

As a well-known supplier for both municipal and industrial wastewater applications, Sulzer was able to define the best pumping solution for the process specification. The AHLSTAR APP-S self-priming pumps have an increased overall efficiency compared to the previous Archimedean screw pumps. The new pumping units are also much more compact than the old ones. Finally, the activated sludge is now transferred gently and the risk for splashing that would occur with the old open structure has been totally eliminated.
Product specification

AHLSTAR pump APP43-300 S

Flow 700 m³/h
Head 7.4 m
Sludge D.S content 5% max
Impeller Special open – 360 mm
Speed 900 rpm
Motor power 30 kW
Pump efficiency 75.7 %
  • AHLSTAR APT process pump range
    AHLSTAR APT end-suction single-stage centrifugal process pumps are used for demanding industrial applications to ensure process reliability, high efficiency and low operating costs. The pump exceeds the requirements of ISO 5199.
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