The challenge

  • Wide range of application requirements, such as flocculation, flotation, chemical make-up and storage as well as sludge storage and mixing
  • Minimize capital and operational expenditures by cost effective design and highest efficiencies
  • Highest reliability required, since wastewater treatment plant cannot be shut down

The solution

  • Sulzer supplied 11 top-mounted and 4 side-mounted agitators for 8 different applications
  • Flexible design, for both top-mounted and side-mounted agitators
  • Tailor-made agitators for each position meet the demands of installation and process requirements
  • Long and trusted experience in the field ensured right agitation intensity at minimum power

The reliable and flexible design of the Sulzer agitators match the most demanding process applications of our customers.

Business Development Manager General Industry

Customer benefit

Long-term customer relationship and Sulzer’s well-proven application knowledge within industrial wastewater treatment were the key factors for Aquaflow when selecting Scaba agitators. For example, sludge agitators were selected on the basis of the actual sludge characteristics, and flotation mixers can handle an air content of 40%. Side-mounted agitators were equipped with longer shafts to adapt to the ctual tank wall thickness. With Scaba agitators, minimum power is needed while reliability is ensured.

Product specification
Qty. Application Type Tank volume Inst. power
1 Sludge mixer, primary and tertiary sludge, 2-5%* Side 62 m³ 7.5 kW
1 Urea dissolving, urea power + water Top 6.5 m³ 1.1 kW
3 Flash mixer, wastewater + PAC Top 10.8 m³/tank 11 kW
6 Flocculation mixer, wastewater Top 115 m³/tank 0.37 kW
1 Flotation mixer, wastewater + 40% air Top 50 m³ 0.37 kW
1 Sludge feed tank mixer, secondary sludge with fibres, 2-5%* Side 145 m³ 11 kW
1 Sludge/liquor mixer, dried sludge 10%* and black liquor Side 46 m³ 15 kW
1 Bio sludge agitator, bio sludge 1.5-3%* Side 30 m³ 7.5 kW


Sludge mixer, primary and tertiary sludge, 2.5%* Side 62 m³ 7.5 kW
*Dry solid content
  • Scaba top mounted agitator
    Scaba top-mounted vertical agitators are used for mixing and agitating process liquids in many industries, including wastewater and industrial applications.
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