Offering a comprehensive range of services for electric motors, compressors, pumps and steam turbines, the new Balikpapan Service Center will deliver the wide range of high-quality independent repair services that customers have come to expect from Sulzer. Equipped to maintain and repair all types of small to medium-sized rotating machinery, the service center has been fitted with all the necessary tools, equipment and personnel to deliver equipment performance and longevity.
Inside the Balikpapan service center.
Balikpapan is fully equipped to repair all types of small to medium rotating equipment.
The new service center improves the speed of service and reduces shipping costs by offering independent service solutions at the customers’ doorstep. As with all Sulzer facilities, customers are supported by a global network of spare parts manufacturing and an extensive network of service centers. The opening of the Balikpapan service center marks the 20th service facility in operation in the Asia-Pacific region. The considerable network gives Indonesian operations access to service solutions for even the largest of their rotating equipment. Initial assessments can be made by engineers in Balikpapan and any repairs can be completed at the larger service center in Purwakarta.

“The new service center offers excellent turnaround times and will provide local support for our customers. This combined with the vast wealth of skilled human resources and young talented graduate engineers opens up further opportunities for Sulzer to capture some of this valuable wealth of local talent. The investment in this new facility includes training of experienced local engineers to operate the new machinery, such as the balancing equipment, winding tools and machining tools.”

Agus Susena, Head of Rotating Equipment Services S.E. Asia for Sulzer
Balikpapan opening ceremoney final touches.
Apply the final touches to the opening ceremony.
The opening ceremony was attended by a number of customers who were invited to a series of presentations. It highlighted the wide range of services on offer including a dedicated service center that caters for explosion proof motors as a certified IECEx repair facility, with a special focus on the specialist skills in repairing equipment that operates in potentially explosive atmospheres. Sulzer also provides reverse engineering capabilities from a dedicated engineering team based at the Purwakarta facility, which plays a supporting role with the Balikpapan service center. This allows for alternative sourcing and competitive pricing of quality spare parts with expedited manufacturing and delivery.

“Congratulations to Sulzer for the opening of a new service center, it is a great facility! We have had the pleasure of working with Sulzer for a long time using their extensive experience in rotating equipment services. Having this new repair facility in Balikpapan, makes it simple to access opportunities in Kalimantan for industrial services”.

Mr. Hermansyah, Contract and Shop Coordinator at PT. Badak Bontang
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