Main benefits
  • Mild processing conditions
  • Fast polymerization time
  • Easy control of polymer morphology and composition
  • Operational flexibility to produce different PEF grades
Main applications
  • Bottles: Water bottle, beverage bottle etc
  • 3D printing: filament for 3D printers
  • Fibers: apparels, carpets, home furnishing, disposables commodities, fabrics, diapers, filters and industrial fibres
  • Films: single use gloves, bags, agricultural films

PEF also has superior material properties when compared to PET:

    • Barrier to O2: 10 x better
    • Barrier to CO2: 4-10 x better
    • Barrier to H2O: 2 x better
    • Modulus: 50% better
    • Yield strength: 2 x better
    • Glass transition: 12°C higher
    • Melting point: >20°C lower


We have developed a proprietary Ring-Opening Polymerization (ROP) technology of cyclic PEF monomers, which enables faster reaction times and a better control of (co)polymer architectures through a “living” polymerization process.

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