Polyethylene furanote (PEF)

Shaping the future of polyesters

Polyethylene Furanoate or PEF is a 100% recyclable, bio-based polymer produced using renewable raw materials. It is referred to as the next generation polyester which exhibits great potential to replace polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The production of PEF can reduce the non-renewable energy use (NREU) to approximately 40% to 50% while GHG emissions can be reduced by approximately 45% to 55%, compared to PET, for the system from cradle to grave.

Polyethylene Furanote
Main benefits
  • Mild processing conditions
  • Fast polymerization time
  • Easy control of polymer morphology and composition
  • Operational flexibility to produce different PEF grades
Main applications
  • Bottles: Water bottle, beverage bottle etc
  • 3D printing: filament for 3D printers
  • Fibers: apparels, carpets, home furnishing, disposables commodities, fabrics, diapers, filters and industrial fibres
  • Films: single use gloves, bags, agricultural films

PEF also has superior material properties when compared to PET:

    • Barrier to O2: 10 x better
    • Barrier to CO2: 4-10 x better
    • Barrier to H2O: 2 x better
    • Modulus: 50% better
    • Yield strength: 2 x better
    • Glass transition: 12°C higher
    • Melting point: >20°C lower


We have developed a proprietary Ring-Opening Polymerization (ROP) technology of cyclic PEF monomers, which enables faster reaction times and a better control of (co)polymer architectures through a “living” polymerization process.

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