Leveraging expertise What we look for in a start-up

Sulzer Ventures aspires to enable founders of start-ups to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. We partner with start-ups who are looking for opportunities to scale their business globally and can leverage Sulzer's great expertise and presence.


Clear expectations

Our partnerships with start-ups are guided by a clear set of expectations:

  • Innovative solutions or technologies for the problems of today and tomorrow
  • Defensible intellectual property
  • Profitability or a clear path towards it
  • Strong focus on sustainability

Successful collaborations


Sulzer acquired a key stake in Fuenix Ecogy in 2023. The partnership couples Fuenix's cutting-edge pyrolysis technology for upcycling plastics with Sulzer’s unique expertise in separation technologies and licensing know-how. Together, we are better able to scale our technologies to support global businesses enter circular plastic markets.


In 2022, Sulzer invested in Cellicon to develop, scale-up and commercialize the production of nanocellulose. Cellicon’s technology revolutionized the traditionally high-cost process used to generate nanocellulose from plant-based resources. Sulzer is supporting the start-up with technical expertise in pilot plants and other business development activities. Cellicon can thus achieve its strategic goals and Sulzer strengthens its circular polymer offering.

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