Sulzer to enter the North African service market

On July 28, 2015, Sulzer acquired the business of Expert International Pompe Service (EIPS) located in Casablanca, Morocco. Through this acquisition, Sulzer expands its footprint in North Africa.

Expert International Pompe Service (EIPS) was founded in 2011 and offers maintenance and repair services for pumps. Since 2012, EIPS has been an exclusive partner for Sulzer Pompes France for the repair of pumps but also as an agent for new equipment sales. The company will change its name to Sulzer Maroc and will expand its offerings to the full range of services for rotating equipment such as gas and steam turbines, compressors, generators as well as electrical motors. Sulzer Maroc will also support the new equipment business actively in Sulzer’s key markets oil and gas, power, and water. EIPS has an excellent reputation with its customers from mainly the chemical, the power generation, and the general industry. The company will serve as a platform to provide services and pumping solutions into other countries in North Africa.

Sulzer to expand service offering to V-type gas turbines

On June 3, 2015, Sulzer acquired the business of Precision Gas Turbine Inc. (Florida). Through this acquisition, Sulzer will further develop its current capabilities for field services for European manufactured gas turbines.

Precision Gas Turbine Inc. was founded in 1997 and is located in Plantation, Florida, USA. The company offers various field services, such as minor and major maintenance on gas turbines, inspections, failure investigations, repair, and retrofits. Other services including parts supply, support for control systems, project management, and quality control are adding to the company’s portfolio. Precision Gas Turbine Inc. has an excellent reputation with its customers—mainly independent providers of power, one of Sulzer’s three key markets. The company will further increase Sulzer’s ability to service a broader range of gas turbines.

Old Grayson Armature Large Motor Division, Inc logo
Old Grayson Armature Large Motor Division, Inc logo

Sulzer Grayson Inc.

August 01, 2014 Sulzer announced the acquisition of both Grayson Armature businesses, Grayson Armature Large Motor Division, Inc. and Grayson Armature Orange Texas, Inc. The acquisition makes Sulzer one of the largest partners for electromechanical services in the Gulf Coast area.

Old Grayson Armature Orange Texas, Inc logo
Old Grayson Armature Orange Texas, Inc logo
The decision to purchase Grayson Armature builds on Sulzer's commitment to provide cutting-edge maintenance and service solutions designed to improve customers' processes and business performance. As a result of the integration, Sulzer is able to further improve its combined offering, especially of pumps and electromechanical services, and increase the company's ability to service the whole train of rotating equipment generally used in the Oil & Gas, Power and Industrial market sectors. The company's new name is Sulzer Grayson Inc. Sulzer Grayson's two existing facilities will integrate into the global network of service centers as the Pasadena Service Center and Orange Service Center.
New Sulzer Grayson Inc. logo
New Sulzer Grayson Inc. logo

Hua Rui (Jiangsu) Gas Turbine Services Co., Ltd.

In March, 2014 Sulzer signed an agreement to form a joint venture with China Huadian Corporation for the service of gas turbines including field service, component repair, and delivery of new capital parts. The joint venture operates under the name of Hua Rui (Jiangsu) Gas Turbine Services Co., Ltd. For Sulzer, this is a unique opportunity to become a major player for rotating equipment service in China's power market.

Rotating Equipment Services

As of January 01, 2014 the division Sulzer Turbo Services and part of the Pump Division, namely services for pumps, have been transferred into a new division called Rotating Equipment Services (not to be used as trading name).

Sulzer bundled its strengths for rotating equipment ads has introduced a new organizational structure. Sulzer now provides services for all rotating equipment from one single organization. It allows us to provide even better services from a combined network of around 100 locations in over 25 countries. We offer services for all rotating equipment from pumps, turbines, compressors to motors and generators. The range of services spans from maintenance and repair to diagnostics and consulting to upgrades and long-term service agreements delivered through one customer access point.

Dowding and Mills rondel

Sulzer Dowding & Mills, Sulzer Bootham Engineers and Sulzer EMS

In June 2010, Sulzer Turbo Services acquired Castle Support Services plc., owners of Dowding and Mills, Bootham Engineers and EMS. These companies are now known as Sulzer Dowding & Mills, Sulzer Bootham Engineers and EMS.

The origins of Dowding & Mills date back to 1913, when William Dowding and Harry Mills first set up an electrical wiring company in Bordesley, Birmingham, U.K. As electric motors became more commonplace, the main focus of the business was soon to switch to rewinding and repair. It quickly established a reputation for high quality, and through its "Round-the-Clock" working philosophy, a fast, reliable service.

Bootham Engineers

Steady expansion during the First World War led to the Company taking "limited" status in 1919. Following a further period of rapid development during the Second World War, it became a public company in 1946.

Over the past five decades, expansion has continued unabated to what is now a global network of rewind shops, mechanical repair facilities, electronic, instrument and calibration houses.

Dowding & Mills has exported the "Round-the-Clock" philosophy worldwide, helping the Company to establish itself as a major international operator, especially in the key markets of Europe, Australia, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Sulzer Elbar

Elbar was founded in 1973 as a sister company to Eldim, at that time the market leader in gas turbine airfoil hole drilling. (Now known as Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV)

From day one, Elbar has introduced independent gas turbine component repairs in parallel to the jet engine component repairs for which it was founded. Elbar strives to offer services at the same top level as Eldim offers to its market. Elbar has developed a very strong engineering basis for all metallurgical operations including coatings. Up to 1990, Elbar used its bright (“heat treatment”) red logo.

Elbar logo
When Elbar was merged with Eldim in the Interturbine group, their respective logos were unified under the Interturbine blade array. Under this logo, Elbar developed to become the leading company in turbine component repair and overhaul until the Interturbine group was acquired by Sulzer in 1999.
Sulzer Repco logo

Sulzer Repco

Sulzer Repco was originally founded in 1988 as a private owned company under the name Repco Rozenburg. In 1995, Sulzer Turbo approached Repco Rozenburg and expressed its interest to acquire the company. (Now known as Sulzer Turbo Services Rotterdam BV)

On January 1st 1996, after lengthy negotiations, the companies decided to join forces, continuing their activities under the current trade name Sulzer Repco.

Simply overnight, this decision turned the company into a multinational with offices throughout the world, benefiting from the valuable experience and know-how of international engineering companies. Sulzer Repco achieved record turnovers due to its doubled shop capacity.

Sulzer Repco offers field services and workshops for: steam turbines, gas turbines, turbo compressors, reciprocating compressors, hot gas expanders and blowers.

Enpro logo

Sulzer Enpro

Enpro Services Co., Inc. started business in 1982 as a Reciprocating Field Service company doing PM work on offshore platforms. (Now known as Sulzer Turbo Services New Orleans Inc.)
During the next two years, two more companies were formed to represent manufacturers for several major product lines.

In 1986, Enpro Rotating Services, Inc. was formed and became a major contender in Rotating Field Services. When Sulzer purchased Enpro, all of these companies were merged into Sulzer Enpro, Inc.

Sulzer Enpro, which now includes reciprocating and rotating field services, as well as being distributors for ancillary equipment, has offices in New Orleans, Alexandria, New Iberia, LA, Alvin, TX, Kalkaska, MI, and the latest field service office in Muscle Shoals, AL.

Hickham logo

Sulzer Hickham

Sulzer Hickham Inc. was established in 1972 by I.W. Hickham Jr. in LaPorte, TX. It was first known as I.W. Hickham Company (now known as Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc.). The main focus was repairs performed on small steam turbines, pumps, gearboxes and compressors; however balancing expertise was, and still is a key element of the company.

In 1985, Hickham Industries was purchased by the Sulzer Bros of Switzerland. One of Sulzer’s many divisions included Sulzer Turbo, the fit was a natural.

With continuous growth over the years, Hickham has moved into gas turbine repairs, specialized airfoil manufacture and the installation and operation of a world class At-Speed balance bunker. Expansion into the world market has followed and is due to the need for services of a quality rotating equipment repair facility.

Today, Sulzer Turbo Services Houston has a workforce of over 400 employees and the facility has grown to 34 acres with a workshop area for some 400,000 sq.ft. Sulzer Turbo Services Houston continues to develop innovative repair technologies necessary to maintain leadership in the industry.

Hickham Indonesia logo

Sulzer Hickham Indonesia

PT. Hickham Indonesia was founded in 1994 as a joint venture company between an Indonesian local businessman and Sulzer Escher Wyss Ltd. (Now known as PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia).

In November 1995, the company majority shareholding was transferred from Sulzer Escher Wyss Ltd to Sulzer Turbo Ltd. Zurich. In 1997 a share capital increase was approved by the shareholders for the financing of the facility extension project. In December 2001, a financial restructuring process with a loan to equity conversion resulting in a capital increase of the company share capital was completed. In 2002, a sale and purchase of shares was concluded from the joint venture partner and the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of the new shareholders Sulzer AG/ Copetrag.

On February 26, 2003, the company changed the name from PT. Hickham Indonesia to PT. Sulzer Hickham Indonesia.

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