Innovation and Sustainability What we stand for

We identify investment opportunities in start-ups and new scalable technologies as well as emerging value chains that are aligned with our guiding principles.

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Sulzer innovates across industries. Ventures play a critical role in identifying and pursuing new and innovative growth opportunities. We are dedicated to the development of new technologies and services that drive sustainable progress and support our customers build a better world.

At Sulzer Ventures, we focus on three areas:

New Energies, Feedstocks & Sustainability

We focus on identifying ventures that facilitate new sustainable solutions, such as zero emission fuels and renewable energy, green feedstocks, recycling solutions and energy storage technologies.

Process Optimization & Asset Management

Ventures of interest to us are those that complement Sulzer's core businesses. We are continuously striving to find companies that round out our portfolio and make it more complete.

Platforms, Data & Digital Solutions

Through our ongoing efforts to improve our customer focus and environmental impact, we identify opportunities for collaboration and investment where data and new digital technologies are employed.