Flow Equipment's mission

Wherever fluids are treated, pumped, or mixed, we deliver highly innovative and reliable solutions for the most demanding applications.

Who we are

The Flow Equipment division specializes in pumping solutions specifically engineered for the processes of our customers. We provide pumps, agitators, compressors, grinders, screens and filters developed through intensive research and development in fluid dynamics and advanced materials. We are a market leader in pumping solutions for water, oil and gas, power, chemicals and most industrial segments.

Selected products and services

We are a full range provider supporting our customers with solutions from standard to engineered throughout the water ecosystem.

Repurposing salt sugar wood and waste

Sulzer is collaborating with industry, governments and educational institutes around the world to leverage its technologies and help repurpose resources for a more sustainable future. Our solutions are ensuring material inputs are being maximized to their fullest extent, contributing to the preservation of scarce resources, energy efficiency, diversion of waste from landfills and heaps of other benefits.

Decarbonizing the transportation sector

Sulzer is helping to decarbonize the transportation sector by working with its partners and customers to develop and produce renewable, low-carbon fuels.

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