Our mission

When superior chemical processing and separation technologies matter most, we enable our customers to operate world-class plants and produce high value products.

Who we are

The Chemtech division is the global market leader in innovative mass transfer, static mixing and polymer solutions for chemicals, petrochemicals, refining  and LNG. We are steering the way in ecological solutions such as bio-based chemicals, polymers and fuels, recycling technologies for textiles and plastic as well as carbon capture and utilization/storage, contributing to a circular and sustainable economy. Our product offering ranges from process components to complete process plants and technology licensing.

Selected products and services

Separation and purification are key to all chemical processes – supported by unique Sulzer technologies, driven by sustainability.

Sustainable and degradable bioplastics with Sulzer

While we have come to realize the environmental limitations of plastics, there is still a great future in such materials – especially if solutions based on the principles of renewability and circularity are adopted. One of the most remarkable examples is polylactic acid (PLA), a highly sustainable bioplastic that is now produced worldwide. PLA production is mostly based on Sulzer Chemtech’s advanced technology, which is included in almost all PLA production plants currently in operation across the globe.

Groundbreaking textile recycling technology

Fast retail has led to shorter life cycle for garments, with millions of tons of fabrics piling up in landfills. This makes textile waste one of society’s pressing environmental issues. Today, only a minor share of end-of-use clothing is recycled. Sulzer partners with H&M to control and develop Worn Again, an innovator in textile recycling technology, which aspires to enable full circularity in the garment industry.

Cutting-edge Swiss biopolymer and plastic recycling technologies

Human creature comforts – your clothes, your computer, your car – depend heavily on plastics and their many advantages. But our planet is being overwhelmed with the resulting waste problem. Advancing biopolymers and plastic recycling technologies can help to resolve this dilemma. Sulzer, the leading provider of polylactic acid (PLA) solutions, is expanding its R&D capabilities in Switzerland. The company is investing in testing facilities to support the scale-up and commercialization of pioneering biopolymer processes and plastic recycling technologies.

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