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At Sulzer, we have a clear path towards reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our main source of carbon emissions has been identified as electricity so we have put a plan in place to switch to renewable sources for our sites across Europe and beyond. The UK is leading the way most of our UK sites have already switched to renewable electricity. In 2020, we reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 6.4% in absolute terms and by 6.3% in comparable terms (tons per working hours). We’re also concentrating on waste and water reduction, ensuring we minimize our footprint across all our areas of operation.


Sulzer uses its unique expertise to address environmental challenges with a wide variety of cleantech solutions. These include areas like water (sustainable management of the entire water life-cycle), circularity (e.g. recycling and converting emissions into fuels), efficiency (energy-saving AI solutions and product-life extension) and renewable applications (plastic substitution via degradable biopolymers). We invest continuously in R&D activities and work together with leading global companies like H&M or ArcelorMital to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.


We follow a comprehensive approach to increase engagement internally with our employees and externally in our communities. For this we build on the dedication of our employees. Our Sulzer in Motion health and wellbeing initiative has been in place since 2017, with newly added incentives that focus on supporting our local communities. By promoting a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing, we aim to increase our employees’ overall contentment, as well as engagement with our organization and our communities. In addition, we work hard to deliver year on year improvements across all key indicators, creating a safe, inclusive and diverse workplace.

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