Service's mission

We are your partner for uptime and enhanced performance for your rotating equipment and more. Our dedicated people provide unrivalled service and expertise to meet your operational needs – anytime, anywhere.

Who we are

Through a network of over 100 service sites around the world, Sulzer provides cutting-edge parts as well as maintenance and repair solutions for pumps, turbines, compressors, motors and generators. We service our own original equipment, but also all associated third-party rotating equipment run by our customers, maximizing sustainability and life cycle cost-effectiveness. Our technology-based solutions, fast execution and expertise in complex maintenance projects are available at our customers’ doorsteps.

Selected products and services

We are a full range provider supporting our customers with solutions from standard to engineered throughout the water ecosystem.

Bridging the gap with ingenuity

Sulzer is passionate about offering lifecycle solutions for a sustainable world. Our solutions make installed rotating equipment run more efficiently, use less fuel and operate sustainably with improved performance across many industries.

Delivering reliable energy supply from intermittent renewable sources

Sulzer is developing solutions to one of the major challenges that confronts renewable energy forms such as wind and solar – ensuring that the variable renewable energy supply caused by unpredictable weather conditions can be evened out and controlled to match energy demands.

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