Total Pipeline Services™

Partnership that truly aligns goals and incentives

Total Pipeline Services™ is all about equipment up-time. Through advances in machine learning, Sulzer can now offer an option that connects proven processes, experienced human resources, and machinery health. This approach genuinely aligns goals and incentives to create accountability and provide measurable improvement in risk avoidance, equipment reliability, and operations expertise.

Pipeline services for Oil and Gas
Main benefits
  • Evergreen warranty - Always protected
  • Performance pricing – Incentivized by your success
  • Stabilized budget – Decrease OpEx exposure
  • Commit to the future – Improve operator and service acumen
  • Operating excellence – Reduce carbon footprint, call-outs, and unplanned maintenance
  • Overhaul commitment – Refurbish in as little as 3 days
  • Onsite commitment – Arrive on-time, at the right time
Workflow graphic of pipeline services

As your operating services partner, Sulzer’s Total Pipeline Services™ offering becomes a competitive advantage in the operating lifecycle of your equipment. This translates to a safe and remote means in delivering on your customer commitments.

  • Online equipment health monitoring
  • Dedicated equipment specialist
  • Pre-failure condition planning
  • Risk based maintenance repair
  • Prompt on-site expert service
  • Turnkey equipment push/pull service
  • Two-layer equipment history
  • Fast, reliability-improved pump overhaul
  • Purposefully chosen, located, and maintained inventory
  • Workforce competency gap closure

This is not something new to pay for, but a program to connect proven processes, experienced human resources, and machinery health information to maximize profits while protecting your financial expectations.

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