Domestic waste disposal from toilets

Transportation to treatment of domestic wastewater

Domestic wastewater from toilets comprises all sewage water flushed from toilets or residential properties. Sulzer supports clients in finding solutions for quick and effective disposal of black wastewater from residential properties, and for transportation into the municipal wastewater network.

Lifting stations, submersible pumps and control system in a house showing Sulzer products for domestic wasterwater with toilet waste


Lifting station

Control panel

  • Control panel type ABS CP 114
    The CP 114 is a compact control panel for single pumping stations. It is suitable for use in applications such as tanks, small pits, or standard commercial applications with a single-phase 1/230/N/PE power supply.

  • Control panel type ABS CP 116 and CP 216
    The CP 116 and CP 216 compact control panels for one or two pumps directly connect to pumps up to 5.5 KW (12A). The optional GSM/GPRS modem allows communication with AquaWeb or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems using the Comli or Modbus protocols. Ex-versions are also available.

  • Control panels
    A wide range of control panels are available to enable a strong and flexible product offering. New panels are added continuously to match market needs and demands.

  • Control panels type ABS CP 112 and CP 212
    The CP 112 and CP 212 are compact control panels for one or two pumps. They directly connect to pumps up to 5.5 kW (12A), and feature three-phase and single-phase versions. Ex-versions are also available.

Lifting station accessory

  • Check valves type ABS
    Check valves type ABS are non-return valves made from cast iron or plastic for horizontal or vertical discharge lines in accordance with EN 12050-4.

  • Flushing valve type ABS
    Programmable, piston- and ball-operated flushing valve, for maintaining a clean, deposit-free sump.

  • Plug-in alarm type ABS
    Plug-in acoustic alarm for connection to a 230 V Euro socket.

  • Pump and lifting station accessories
    Our pumps and lifting stations come in standard versions and with optional features. Accessories to the pumps and lifting stations are also available and can be found on these pages.

Measuring device

  • Conductive level switch type ABS MD 131
    The MD 131 is a conductive level switch primarily used as an overflow switch in sewage pumping pits. The MD 131 can also be used in other applications where the conductivity of the medium is above 20 μS/cm.

  • Float switch type ABS KS
    The KS float switch, used in liquids for control or signal activation, operates in response to the liquid level. It is also suitable for use in sewage and for automatic level control. The KS float switch is impact- and shock-resistant, mercury-free, and environmentally friendly.

  • Measuring devices
    A wide range of measuring devices is available to enable a strong and flexible product offering. New devices are added continuously to match market needs and demands.

  • Pressure sensor type ABS MD 124
    The MD 124 is a 4-20 mA loop-powered pressure sensor. It has a robust construction and is easily mounted on a standard 35 mm DIN rail. MD 124 is ideal for measuring liquid levels using the ”bubble tube” principle.

  • Submersible pressure sensor type ABS MD 126
    The MD 126 is a high-accuracy submersible hydrostatic level sensor. Encapsulated in stainless steel and resistant to sewage water, it is designed to measure levels in liquids such as storm water and wastewater in sump pumps.

  • Submersible pressure sensor type ABS MD 127
    MD 127 is a sewage water resistant, stainless steel encapsulated, submersible, hydrostatic level sensor of very high accuracy and over pressure capability. It is designed for level measurement in liquids like stormwater and wastewater in pump sumps. When connecting the 2-wire loop powered sensor in series with a DC power supply, the MD 127 gives a 4 to 20 mA output signal which is proportional to the level of the liquid.

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