Main benefits
  • Designed as a complete wastewater sump for internal (above-ground) or external (below-ground) installation and for fitting with selected pumps from the Piranha range 
  • Corrosion-resistant polyethelyne tank supplied as standard with a plastic lid, discharge pipe work, and coupling with a non-return ball valve
  • Available with optional polystyrene jacket to insulate against noise and excessive external temperatures
  • Easy to transport, with simple discharge line connection
  • Simple to install and maintain. The pump seals automatically onto the discharge line when lowered into the high-level coupling
Main applications
  • Sewage and wastewater containing fecal matter in buildings and areas below the sewer level
Main design features
  • Submersible grinder pump type ABS Piranha with shredding system hydraulics can cut and pump wastewater containing solids through small diameter discharge lines from 1¼”
  • Automatic pump and level control by pressure sensor system
  • Single DN 100 inflow port for DIN push-on connection. One DN 70 port for venting and use as a cable duct (supplied as standard with plug/cable inlet seal)
  • Compact, robust polyethelyne collection tank of compact design
Key characteristics
Temperatures 40° C (maximum 60° C for five minutes)
Discharge sizes DN 32
  • Commercial waste disposal from toilets
    Commercial wastewater from toilets comprises all sewage water flushed from toilets on commercial, industrial or public properties.

  • Domestic waste disposal from toilets
    Domestic wastewater from toilets comprises all sewage water flushed from toilets or residential properties.

  • Network pumping station
    Network pumping stations collect municipal wastewater from residential homes and communal schemes. Installed in dry or wet wells, the pumps deliver the effluent to a terminal pumping station. Since most pumping stations are not equipped with screens, the pumps must cope with difficult materials such as fibrous sanitary and packaging items.

  • Pressurized systems
    Pressurized sewage systems are well suited to outlying locations such as holiday areas and coastal regions, where there may be no direct access to local gravity-based systems. They can also provide an economical alternative to gravity sewers, since they involve smaller pipeline diameters and less excavation.
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