Lifting station type ABS Piranhamat 100 and 120

Lifting station for toilet wastewater

The Piranhamat 100 and 120 models are compact fecal pumping units for direct connection of one toilet in accordance with EN 12050-3. These ready-to-plug-in units, with a gas- and odor-tight polyethylene tank, can also be connected to a hand wash basin, shower, or bidet.

Lifting Station Type ABS Piranhamat 100 and 120
Main benefit
  • Ready-for-use unit featuring a powerful Piranha grinder pump controlled automatically by the built-in level control system
  • Thoroughly cuts up waste, making it possible to pump through 25 mm (1") pipes
  • Push-on, self-sealing connection for a toilet at the rear of the unit. Additional ports at the sides for connecting on hand wash basin, shower, or bidet
  • Discharge pipe for connection to either the left or right side of the unit, according to installation requirements
  • Non-return flap valve on the discharge line
  • Modern gas- and odor-tight white plastic tank of high quality polyethylene material, resistant to all common toilet cleaning fluids
Main applications
  • Discharge from single sewage toilet, hand wash basin, bidet, and shower
Main design features
  • Compact unit ready to plug in and suitable for direct Euro toilet connection
  • Patented Piranha cutting system for pumping fecal matter and also sanitary articles that might be accidentally dropped into the toilet
  • Automatic level control and alarm Piranhamat 120   
  • Attractive corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank     
  • Maintenance-friendly unit with easy-access lid (no screws)     
  • Carbon filter reduces odors
Key characteristics
Capacity 5.5 m3/h


9 m
Temperatures 40° C (maximum 60° C for five minutes)
Discharge sizes DN 25, DN 32
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