Main benefits
  • Compact, robust, synthetic (PE) collection tank
  • Easily transported and fitted, with simple discharge line connection. Compact dimensions allow passage through a standard door opening
  • Problem-free pumping of sewage and wastewater
  • Pneumatic level control pipe for automatic level control
  • Includes two selected XFP pumps designed for continuous running (S1) without additional cooling, and featuring a Premium Efficiency motor, blockage-free Contrablock plus hydraulics, seal monitoring, and temperature control
Main applications
  • Sewage and wastewater containing fecal matter
  • Discharge from apartment blocks, hospitals, hotels, and large commercial developments including both new and renovated structures
Main design features
  • XFP pump discharge DN 80 or DN 100 with flange connection for use in wastewater pipelines
  • Automatic pump and level control by pressure sensor system
  • Multiple inflow port options, with four horizontal and two vertical DN 100, 150 and 200 for DIN push-on connection. One DN 70 port for venting and use as a cable duct (supplied as standard with plug/ cable inlet seal)
  • Compact, robust synthetic (PE) collection tank of compact design
Key characteristics
Capacity 45 m³/h (198 US gpm)
Head 18 m (59 ft)
Temperatures 40° C (maximum 60° C for five minutes)
Discharge sizes

DN 80 (XFP 80C)

DN 100 (XFP 100C, XFP 100 E)

Maximum speed of rotation

980 min-1 (XFP 80C-CB1.1)

1,450 min-1 (XFP 80C-CB1.3, XFP 100C/E)

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