Cascade reaction columns

Continuous movement with our sophisticated reaction column

A cascade reaction column comprises a series of compartments. A continuous reaction takes place in each compartment, where liquid reactants are mixed together continuously, with a short residence time. This type of column offers you the cascade of numerous reactors with a relatively small footprint.

Agitated column
Main benefits
  • A cascade of numerous reactors with the footprint of a column
  • Possibility to limit the back-mixing by closing the partition plates down to, for instance, 1-4% free cross section provided the pressure drop over the entire column does not get too high
  • Possibility to add or take out material in each compartment
  • Ease of scale-up by adding volume (residence time)
  • Control of pH or other parameters in each compartment
  • Requirement for only one common motor/drive unit for all reaction compartments
  • Heating and cooling with a double jacket
  • Control of the residence time distribution with a minimum reactor volume required
Main applications
  • For liquid reactants and continious mixing
  • For cascade reactions in minimum space
Key characteristics

Key characteristics

An agitated cascade reaction column can be applied for both miscible and non-miscible reactants. The reactants are fed to the bottom of the column, for example, or can be added in virtually each compartment, from where they flow up through the agitated section and exit at the top of the column. Countercurrent flow of immiscible reactants is also possible. The reaction temperature can be controlled by installing jackets outside the agitated column or a heating/cooling coil inside.

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