RO-island energy recovery device

Energy recovery boosts the energy you save

This is the heart of the SWRO desalination process, where the desalination effect takes place. The treated sea water is fed by means of the High Pressure Pumps (HPP) into the RO membranes, obtaining permeate or product water and high pressure brine rejection, whose high pressure energy is recovered by a selected Energy Recovery Device.

RO-Island Energy Recovery Device (ERD)

The RO Island design is defined by the raw water quality, the RO membranes used and the selected Energy Recovery Device.

Pumping services found in the RO Island will be the HPP, feeding the membranes and, when an Energy Recovery Device based on the Isobaric chamber technology is selected, the ERD booster pump.

The next part of the Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) process is RO-Island HPP 2nd pass.


  • NRN high-pressure process pump
    The NRN is a horizontal, single-stage end-suction process pump, designed for heavy-duty applications in various industries. It exceeds the requirements of ISO 5199 and ISO 13709 (API 610) 11th edition, type OH1.
  • PRF high-pressure booster pump
    The PRF pump range has been specifically designed to manage clear liquids with high suction pressure. Optimized design ensures maximum pressure resistance and extended lifetime of the pump.
  • ZE/ZF end suction pump range
    The ZE/ZF are ideal pumps for arduous industrial applications handling clean, cold or hot liquids, including hydrocarbons and light chemicals.

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