Sulzer’s range of vertical axially split pumps are ideally suited for Seawater Lift Pump. Mounted inside the hull and taking suction from the sea chest, their compact dimensions minimize space. For seawater lift pumps specified mounted inside a caisson, Sulzer is able to provide vertical solutions with electro-submersible motor and traditional line-shaft. 
Up to 10,000 m3/h / 44,000 USgpm Up to 80,000 m3/h / 349,000 USgpm Up to 11,000 m3/h / 50,000 USgpm
Heads Up to 230 m / 750 ft Up to 38 m / 125 ft Up to 200 m / 650 ft
Up to 40 bar / 600 psi Up to 6 bar / 125 psi 15 to 26 bar / 220 to 380psi
Temperatures Up to 80°C / 180°F Up to 50°C / 122°F Up to 150°C / 300 °F

  • HSA axially split single stage between bearing pump
    The HSA API 610 (ISO 13709) Type BB1 is an axially split, single stage, horizontal, double suction, between bearing pump. The Sulzer HSA product range is ideal for long term continuous running services in refineries and pipelines. Its robust casing and custom hydraulics are specifically designed to ensure maximum availability and reduced total life cycle costs. The HSAv with its vertical shaft is used offshore where deck space is limited.

  • SJS submersible pump
    The SJS submersible pumps utilize a submersible motor to drive the Sulzer vertical pump stages. The normal vertical turbine lineshaft and bearings are thus eliminated and power levels to 2 MW (2,700 hp).

  • SJT vertical turbine pump
    SJT pumps are typically used whenever a liquid needs to be pumped upward from ground water tables (deep well pumps), manmade underground storage (caverns) or open bodies of liquid. Fully updated hydraulics and mechanical designs make the SJT highly efficient, cost- effective, and low-maintenance.

  • SJT-API vertically suspended process pump
    Sulzer’s API 610 Type VS1/VS2 vertical pumps are based on proven designs, continuously improved and optimized based on decades of operational experience. Sulzer's low Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) 1st stage, followed by unique high head per stage series hydraulics, minimize the number of stages required, reducing pump length and contractor’s associated civil costs.

  • SJT-CWP vertical cooling water pump
    The SJT-CWP are "engineered to order" large flow vertical pumps for industrial pumping needs and sump design, with semi-open or closed cast impellers available in sizes starting from 350 mm (14") impeller diameter and nq 75 (Ns 3'870).

  • SMH axially split single stage pump
    SMH pumps are part of the broad single stage, double suction, horizontal split case family within Sulzer. Flowrates are provided to over 11,000 m3/h (50,000 GPM) and heads to over 200m (650 ft).

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