VEY molten salt for concentrated solar power

Specialist molten salt pump for concentrated solar power

The VEY is a vertical mixed flow pump with high capacity and medium to high head. Its design includes hydraulics from proven ranges. This pump has been engineered to balance high efficiency, low submergence and Net Positive Suction Head Required (NPSHr) considerations.

VEY molten salt pump for concentrated solar power
Main benefits
  • Engineered suction design for optimized submergence
  • Efficient thermal barrier between hot/cold sections
  • Muff coupling to ease dismantling
Main applications
  • Cold and hot molten salt circulation pumps in parabolic trough Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
  • High pressure cold molten salt feed pumps in central tower CSP
  • Hot molten salt circulation pumps in central tower CSP
  • Cold molten salt attemperation pumps in central tower CSP
  • Cold molten salt melting and drainage pumps in parabolic trough and central tower CSP
Main design features
  • First stage impeller – Inducer or high Suction Specific Speed (Nss) impeller for reduced NPsHr
  • Extended wear ring zone and clearances calculated to allow thermal expansions
  • Main shaft sealing by throttle bushing
  • Shaft fans/radiators to reduce temperature, protect and increase lifetime of the pump bearings
Key characteristics
Pump bowls Up to 914 mm / 36 in
Capacities Up to 4,000 m3/h / 17,600 US gpm
Heads Up to 400 m / 1,300 ft
Pressures Up to 100 bar / 1,450 psi
Temperatures Up to 600°C / 1,100°F
Performance range
Performance range 50 Hz
Performance range 60 Hz
  • Molten salt circulation pump
    The main characteristics of the molten salt pumps is the extremely high temperature of the liquid handled. They are vertical line shaft pump type. Sulzer provides vertical pumps as molten salt circulation pump for the following two applications: Molten Salt Circulation Pump for Heliostat Central Tower with Molten Salt and Heat Storage
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