Sulzer provides the following horizontal vertical and axially split pumps as cooling water pumps for coal- and oil-fired power plants:
Up to 80,000 m3/h /
349,000 USgpm
Up to 62,000 m3/h /
270,000 USgpm
Up to 58,000 m3/h /
250,000 USgpm
Heads Up to 38 m / 125 ft Up to 110 m per stage / 350 ft Up to 30 m per stage / 1000 ft
Up to 6 bar / 125 psi Up to 64 bar / 930 psi Up to 18 bar / 260 psi
Temperatures Up to 50°C / 122°F Up to 50°C / 122°F Up to 50°C / 122°F
Up to 16,000 m3/h /
70,000 USgpm
Up to 30,000 m3/h /
132,000 USgpm
Heads Up to 260 m / 850 ft Up to 160 m / 525 ft
Up to 34 bar / 490 psi Up to 25 bar / 362 psi
Temperatures Up to 140°C / 280°F Up to 120°C / 250°F


  • SJM vertical mixed flow pump
    The SJM pump is a vertical, single or 2-stage, mixed flow bowl diffuser and is typically used wherever a liquid needs to be pumped upward at moderate pressure from open bodies of liquid.

  • SJT vertical turbine pump
    SJT pumps are typically used whenever a liquid needs to be pumped upward from ground water tables (deep well pumps), manmade underground storage (caverns) or open bodies of liquid. Fully updated hydraulics and mechanical designs make the SJT highly efficient, cost- effective, and low-maintenance.

  • SJT-CWP vertical cooling water pump
    The SJT-CWP are "engineered to order" large flow vertical pumps for industrial pumping needs and sump design, with semi-open or closed cast impellers available in sizes starting from 350 mm (14") impeller diameter and nq 75 (Ns 3'870).

  • SMD axially split casing double suction pump
    The SMD water pumps are available as standard and configured pumps to meet the demands of different water applications. With a best-in-class hydraulic design, the SMD pumps can take on challenges in raw, clean, sea and brackish water applications. The clean water pumps have ACS and NSF 61 drinking water certifications.

  • ZPP double suction, axially split single-stage centrifugal pump
    ZPP double-suction axially split single-stage centrifugal pumps are used for demanding high-capacity industrial applications to ensure process reliability, high efficiency, and low operating costs
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